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a mile in her stilettos samantha lankarani

A Mile in Sam's Heels

Who is……. Samantha Lankarani?

Co-Founder and creative director of Femss, background in Fashion Design. I have travelled the world shopping and designing for top brands across the UK and EU for a well know Fashion Supplier based in London. I now live in Dubai with my amazing husband and 4 year old Sebby- who are my actual world! To describe myself in 3 words would be, fancy, fun and family!

How would you describe your personal style? Classic with a slight edge, I wear mostly black. Love a good leather bottom and blazer combo! You’ll always find me wearing shorts and a classic tank/tee, teamed with trainers and a bumbag for a casual day time look or with heels and a Chanel bag for nights out!

Something in your handbag that you think  no one else will have? A tape measure and a picture of someone special I haven’t spoken about yet to many people.

A moment in life when you thought nothing could get better? The year I got married. Anyone that knows me, knows I love a good ‘ol Sam party so the entire year was filled with them! I had the time of my life haha!

Your biggest achievement? Building a successful business from nothing when I was at the lowest point in my life- they say you have to hit rock bottom before you go to the top!

Biggest adulting fail or Most embarrassing moment? On the Millennium, I was 15 at my best friend's family party and I said to her uncle ‘Happy Birthday’ at the stroke of midnight instead of ‘Happy New Year’. I wanted to die.

Your happy place? I currently live in Dubai, so I’d say at the pool with my hubs and little boy having family time. Or I adore a little café in my hometown Liverpool called Rococo with my Mum.

Advice to your younger self? Don’t hold back through fear, you can do anything you put your mind to and don’t put so many hurdles into why now isn’t the right time. 

Hardest lesson to learn? That no matter how loyal you are as a person, people don’t repay the same loyalty back.

Who is your biggest inspiration? David Bowie. Honestly I was always a bit different as a kid, so he taught me it was ok to be a bit crazy and be yourself- always.

Something you're passionate about right now? Taking Femss next level and creating a fun and happy home for my family. 

Quick fire round: 

Heels or flats: Heels

High fashion or high street: High Fashion

Dress up or Dress down: Dress Up

Early rise or night owl: I used to be an early riser but lately now I am always on different time zones to everyone else, so I’d have to say night owl.

Tea or coffee: In life I don’t like to choose haha, but I’d have to say coffee IF, I had to.

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