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A mile in Sue's Heels

Who is Sue..

I’m predominantly a mum , a mum to my own fab kids and to lots of others who have come through my door. I’m also now a published author , which was a dream of mine for many years , it was one of the most fulfilling things Ive done in life . Me and my kids are also pretty fantastic survivors of domestic abuse !

How would you describe your personal style?

Smart casual , I like to be a little different to the norm for my age , and like to make an effort to look good.

A moment in life when you thought nothing could get better?

Probably the end of 2015 ,several months after my ex left , when I finally realised I , we , were free to be ourselves again, no questions asked , no sneers, no anger outbursts , we could just be us .

Your biggest achievement?

Apart from the obvious , my amazing kids , it would be finally finishing writing , and publishing my first book. " Red Doors"

3 tips for self love 

1. Take the time out for yourself
2. Be kind to yourself
3. Don’t be hard on yourself when you get it wrong .

Your happy place?

My bed ! It’s the only place I even remotely get any peace !

Advice to your younger self?

Like yourself more , stand up for yourself , and stop worrying what every one else thinks .

Hardest lesson to learn?

To give myself some time , to put myself first , even just now and again.

Who is your biggest inspiration?

My mum , she came through so much adversity , much I didn’t know about till I was older , but the last 30 years of her life she lived to the full , she did her, she did Betty , and she didn’t care what anyone else thought about that .

Something your passionate about right now?

My grandkids , and my foster kids , they make me happy in the daily , but I’m also writing my second book and I love doing that , it’s something I can do just for me .

Biggest adulting fail or embarrassing moment?

Insisting as a young mum at 18 that I was perfectly capable of looking after my own baby when I wanted to stay out at a friends with her , only to fall down a flight of stone steps , ruining both legs in the process , but still holding my baby in the air as I went , then having to go home to the mum who said I shouldn’t go !


Heels or flats: Heels
High fashion or high street: High fashion
Dress up or Dress down: Dressed up
Early Rise or Night owl: Early rise
Tea or coffee: Tea

You can follow Sue and her book writing journey on instagram @BecomingSue
And you can get your hands on her debut novel on Amazon now Red Doors

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