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"We can find inspiration in every woman"


A mile  in Sue's Heels

A mile in Sue's Heels

I’m predominantly a mum , a mum to my own fab kids and to lots of others who have come through my door. I’m also now a published author ,...

A Mile in Claudias Heel's

A Mile in Claudias Heel's

Who is Claudia Balazs  (hey.thecloset),  Always a tricky question haha but in short a 30 year old woman, lover and friend. A Mother to Salvador (9 years old) and baby...

interview with lauren edge naked education wearing femss

A Mile in Laurens Heel's

Who is Lauren Edge,  I am a caring, bubbly mum who loves making other women fall in love with themselves again after having their babies. How would you describe your...

A Mile in Jess's Heel's

A Mile in Jess's Heel's

I am 28 years old from Essex and live with my boyfriend Jack and gorgeous toy poodle Jumbo. I have had Alopecia Universalis for over ten years & finally came...

A Mile in Carolines Heel's

A Mile in Carolines Heel's

Caroline Sullivan is a mum of two little girls, a fashion stylist, personal shopper & content creator living in North London 

A Mile in Gaby's Heels

A Mile in Gaby's Heels

Gaby Mendes is the Founder and Director of Talk Twenties an award winning podcast and platform for twenty-somethings, life skills and education no one taught you in school.

Rachel Peru Wearing gold gown, grey hair became model in her 40's

A Mile in Rachel's Heels

Who is…….Rachel Peru I am a Silver haired curve model, body confidence activist, midlife influencer and host of the Out of the Bubble podcast; I have 3 grown up children...

Roz Kaur roz_creativestylist

A Mile in Roz's Heels

Who is....Roz Kaur? Roz Kaur (pronounced as core) is stylist, diversity, and pro-age activist who has been working in the fashion industry for over 30 years….teaching women how to develop and maintain...

A Mile in Stacey's Heels

A Mile in Stacey's Heels

Mum to one ( my gorgeous boy), two if you count our dog (Hank the French Bulldog), business owner, daughter, sister, aunt, friend, foodie lover of travel. My gorgeous boy...

a mile in her stilettos samantha lankarani

A Mile in Sam's Heels

Who is……. Samantha Lankarani? Co-Founder and creative director of Femss, background in Fashion Design. I have travelled the world shopping and designing for top brands across the UK and EU for...

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