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Rachel Peru Wearing gold gown, grey hair became model in her 40's

A Mile in Rachel's Heels

Who is……. Rachel Peru
I am a Silver haired curve model, body confidence activist, midlife influencer and host of the Out of the Bubble podcast; I have 3 grown up children and live in North Yorkshire with my husband Mark.
How would you describe your personal style?
I would describe my style as modern, confident and sexy.
Something in your handbag that you think no one else will have?
Citrine crystal (associated with positivity and optimism)- I take it with me everywhere
A moment in life when you thought nothing could get better?
The birth of my first child after 3 miscarriages.
Your biggest achievement?
This is difficult because there's been lots of different moments that I'm really proud of. Obviously having my 3 children is right up there but I'd also add gaining my Education Studies degree at 41 and also raising funds to provide a playground in Uganda would be there too. Work wise I'd have to say working on the SwimSuitsForAll shoot alongside Ashley Graham which was my first swimwear job.
Biggest adulting fail or most embarrassing moment?
Where to start , there's been many! I went through a stage of losing house keys regularly.l once lost them after night out and decided to climb in through a tiny kitchen window with the aid of some kind policemen. I managed to fit through but as I jumped I caught my bum on the window catch and ended up in A&E needing stitches. I had to sit on a rubber ring at work for a week and ruined my favourite Armani jeans.That's definitely one of my most embarrassing moments!
Your happy place?
Out walking in Nidderdale, North Yorkshire. I'm lucky to be surrounded by the most beautiful countryside and need a daily fix of fresh air and open scenery. Yorkshire really is a special county.
Advice to your younger self?
You are good enough, trust your natural instinct.
Hardest lesson to learn?
As a parent you have to give your children space to work things out for themselves, especially as they get older, you can't do it for them , even when you know they're struggling.
Who is your biggest inspiration?
That's a hard one as I am inspired by women on a daily basis, women who are pushing the stereo typical barriers later in life and creating real change. I'd also say my mum, she's had Multiple Sclerosis since I was a child and faced lots of difficult challenges but she's the most determined and caring person I know.
Something you're passionate about right now?
Ageism in the fashion industry, I think it's one of the last boxes to be ticked. Women over 40 want to see women they can relate to, it's important for our mental well being and body confidence, whether that's on the high street, lingerie advertising or beauty campaigns, we need to be seen alongside all ages, not just the odd gesture of tokenism. We also need to show the younger generation that ageing is to be celebrated and send a positive message out instead of creating fear.
Quick-fire round

Heels or flats: Flats 

High fashion or high street: High Street

Dress up or Dress down: Dress up 

Early rise or night owl: Early riser

Tea or coffee: Tea

Photo credit: Stevie Roy photography @stevieroyphoto

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