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A Mile in Jess's Heel's

A Mile in Jess's Heel's

Who is Jess, 
I am 28 years old from Essex and live with my boyfriend Jack and gorgeous toy poodle Jumbo. I have had Alopecia Universalis for over ten years & finally came out the “bald closet” during lockdown. I now use my social media platforms to support men/women with hair loss & self love!
How would you describe your personal style?
I love to incorporate my baldness into my style so the things I chose to wear have definitely changed! I find certain outfits look amazing with my baldness & others suit my wigs more. I am a classic jeans/top or flared leggings set with trainers sorta girl. I love being comfy but fashionable and Femss definitely gives this vibe!
A moment in life when you thought nothing could get better?
The moment Jack told me he loved me (soppy!). I have struggled with picking a good egg all of my life & I have definitely been with the wrong kind of guys due to my lack of confidence. Finding Jack has changed my outlook on life! I rock my bald head 99% of the time & am finally beginning to love myself as I am - I truly believe that’s down to him. Having someone in my life that always brings me up & makes me feel sooo special is an incredible feeling! I am so exciting to spend the rest of my life with such an amazing guy!
Your biggest achievement?
Showing people my baldness! Living with a visual difference can be extremely difficult at times & has effected me in so many different ways. Finding the confidence to ditch the wigs, reach out to a community just like me & help inspire other alopecians to love themselves is by far my biggest achievement!
3 tips for self love 
1. Move your body! I’m not necessarily saying get down the gym but step outside! Moving my body instantly makes me feel more relaxed & happy in myself. The days in which I don’t want to leave the house are the most important days for me to do so even if it’s just a walk around the block.
2. Surround yourself with good people! Deep down we all know what we deserve & we don’t have time in our lives for people that treat us with no respect. Stick with the people that make you smile & shine on the daily! The people that are there for you no matter what - they are the people that matter.
3. Skin care! Nothing better then getting in after a long day, having a bath & pampering ourselves.
Your happy place?
My home with Jack & Jumbo
Advice to your younger self?
Be yourself & have a voice! I know you are feeling self conscious & struggling to love yourself but if you could see yourself through other peoples eyes you would realise how loved you are. Don’t let Alopecia stop you being you!
Hardest lesson to learn?
Learning to love yourself. I struggle with this a lot. We live in a world where we compare ourselves to everyone else & that can be damaging. The sooner we learn to love ourselves as we are, the sooner we can truly be happy!
Who is your biggest inspiration?
My mum! She is the strongest women and best human I know 🫶🏼
Heels or flats: Heels
High fashion or high street: High street
Dress up or Dress down: Dressed down
Early Rise or Night owl: Early riser
Tea or coffee: Coffee
You can find Jess and follow her journey  Instagram @nevertooobold TikTok @nevertooobold

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